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Coffee OEM Manufacturing

Coffee Manufacturing

Coffee is a popular high-value drink in today’s market

Coffee is a globally popular drink that experts still cannot pinpoint the exact origin of. However, coffee plants can be found natively in many regions, especially in African countries like Ethiopia. Nowadays coffee is widely grown worldwide. Coffee was first introduced in Europe during the Age of Discovery, when explorers brought back this “black drink”. Today there are coffee manufacturing services and many brewing techniques have been developed, with a wide variety of ready-to-drink coffee products available in stores.

Typically, ready-to-drink coffee is easy to brew – just add hot water. Ease of brewing depends on the type of instant coffee. Some pure instant coffee may require additional milk or sugar. 3-in-1 coffee contains milk and sugar already, so just adding hot water makes it ready to drink immediately.

Coffee is considered a beneficial drink. It contains antioxidants that are thought to have positive health effects. Even after processing into instant coffee, it retains these antioxidant properties. One 8 oz cup of black coffee without milk or sugar only has about 7 calories. It also contains minerals like potassium, zinc, and vitamin B3.

Coffee production technology is continuously improving. Nowadays there are manufacturers offering diverse formula options, adding uniqueness beyond typical generic coffee.

Coffee Market Value and Growth Potential

The latest data shows the Thai coffee market is valued at 42 billion baht. Fresh coffee accounts for about 4 billion baht, while instant coffee exceeds 38 billion baht, making up 90.3% of the total market value. Furthermore, the instant coffee market is projected to grow substantially at 3.8% annually. Instant coffee mixes are surging in popularity with much room to distribute products through various channels and tap into this growth market.

Today, comprehensive coffee manufacturing services facilitate easy product development for creating your own brand. With some coffee knowledge, you can launch your own instant coffee label right away.

Beyond being a popular drink, coffee has become a global culture. As the 3rd president of the United States said, “Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world”. Not only is coffee highly valued domestically, but globally as well. By developing quality products that meet consumer demand, there is an opportunity to market them internationally.

The coffee market is worth watching closely as café-hopping drives increased consumption. Coffee has shifted from a regular beverage to also a symbol of trendiness. It enables consumers to express themselves and develop their own personal brand. As instant coffee producers, we also benefit from this consumption behavior. The potential for continued marketing innovation is immense.

Understanding Instant Coffee

Currently, there are two main instant coffee production methods to easily prepare coffee for on-the-go drinking without the need to roast and grind beans.

  1. Spray Drying involves brewing coffee beans and then spraying the liquid concentrate through hot air. The water evaporates leaving behind a fine dark coffee powder that can be quickly brewed.
  2. Freeze Drying starts by brewing an extra concentrated batch. It is frozen below freezing temperature so the water vaporizes rapidly into ice crystals, leaving behind instant coffee powder. This cold process excellently preserves the coffee’s aromas and flavors.

Essentially both methods convert brewed coffee liquid into the familiar instant powder.

Nowadays instant coffee is often flavored or fortified to make it stand out in the ready-to-drink market. Examples include coffee with added vitamins for energy, ingredients for weight management, and unique flavored or aromatized varieties.

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