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Enhance the Beauty of Your Eyes with Eyeshadow, a Key Product in the Cosmetics Industry

Eyeshadow, a product within the cosmetics category for adding color to the eyelids, is considered an essential item for those who love and are interested in makeup—it’s a must-have in their collection. This type of cosmetic is one of the main products that generate substantial revenue in the cosmetics industry each year. The beauty industry is continuously growing, especially products designed for eye enhancement. Therefore, finding an eyeshadow manufacturer to break into this burgeoning market is highly intriguing.

Market research shows that the cosmetics market can generate high profits, with a potential growth rate of up to 5.40 percent. Specifically, eye cosmetics account for as much as 17 percent of the market share in Thailand, out of the total facial cosmetics segment. Hence, eyeshadow represents a significant opportunity for production to tap into the market and reach an increasingly growing consumer base year after year.


Types of Eyeshadow and Market Trends in the Cosmetic Industry

The eye makeup product line is vast and varied, with eyeshadows being a significant player with a high market share. These can be divided into several types. From the familiar powdered products in basic brown tones, advancements in technology have diversified eyeshadow production, offering a range of options to meet the varying demands of consumers.

  • Powder Form: This is the well-known and traditional form of eyeshadow, featuring pressed powder. This type offers versatile marketing opportunities, as it can be sold as single eyeshadows or in palette form, which includes multiple shades. It allows for creativity in terms of color grouping, texture, and storytelling for the product.
  • Cream Form: The distinctive feature of cream-based eyeshadows is their long-lasting wear and vivid color payoff. These often come in small pots and are available as single shades. They have a variety of finishes from matte to metallic. Many brands are innovating cream eyeshadows in palette form and designing packaging for easy storage and portability, making this type particularly interesting for product development.
  • Liquid or Liquid Eyeshadows: This type could be considered a hybrid of cream forms, but with a more fluid texture while still being long-lasting and providing sharp color. These products are usually packaged in tubes or as pens with applicators for easy application to the eyelids. They are user-friendly, easy to carry, and can surely capture a consumer segment.
  • Loose Powder: This type of eyeshadow remains popular within a specific niche and is not as widespread among general consumers due to its challenging application. These products typically come as pigments in a loose powder form that offer bright, vivid colors. However, they can be difficult to blend and require time to achieve an even look. Loose powders are therefore favored more by makeup professionals or those well-practiced in makeup application.


The Relevance of Eyeshadow and Skin Condition

Another crucial element that we must incorporate into the development of this type of product to ensure the highest quality is the skin condition and the skin type of the user. Each product type will have different characteristics, especially when used on varying skin conditions. We can take this information and use it in the product development and design process, and even in marketing our product.

  • Oily Skin: For consumers with oily skin, they tend to look for products that are long-lasting and sweat-resistant. Hence, the product must have dense pigmentation and be specifically designed to withstand the oiliness of the face and eyelids in particular.
  • Combination Skin: Consumers with combination skin enjoy the most versatility in choosing eyeshadows, as they can use a wide variety of product types.
  • Dry Skin: Those with dry skin must be cautious of products that have a drying texture or properties that absorb oils, as these can lead to flaky eyelids. Cream eyeshadows are more suitable for individuals with this skin type.

Moreover, the texture of the product is another aspect that affects consumer targeting. In the current market, we can broadly categorize product textures into three types:

  1. Matte texture
  2. Glitter texture
  3. Metallic texture

Many brands leverage the unique qualities of each product texture for marketing purposes. A brand can combine all three of these textures in a single palette to give consumers more options, or they can offer eyeshadows in each specific texture to target particular consumer groups just as effectively.


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