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Exploring the Lipstick Market: A Key Cosmetic to Add Color to the Lips


The cosmetics market is one of the large markets with a significant market share and offers multiple channels to target customer groups. Especially today, with more openness in fashion and makeup, there is an increasing number of consumers in the market.

One of the key products in the facial cosmetics group is lipstick. With modern technology, the production of lipsticks has become more diverse, offering those who wish to own a lipstick brand more options to develop their products to target a varied consumer base of all genders and ages.

Lipstick is an essential cosmetic, and it’s safe to say that anyone who enjoys makeup will definitely own at least one. Lipsticks come in many forms, not just the traditional twist-up stick we are accustomed to. Continuous technological advancements have made the production of lipsticks more varied and allowed for the addition of unique features to the products, making them stand out in the market.


Lipstick Consumption Trends by Age Group

Understanding the consumption trends of lipstick is critical for those interested in creating a brand, as this data can be used to analyze the market and tailor products to the target demographic.

1. Consumers Under 20 Years Old

This group of consumers tends to experiment with new products frequently. They are digitally savvy and often influenced by trends rather than the intrinsic qualities of the products. Price is a consideration for this predominantly student demographic, with the cost needing to be reasonable. They are drawn to products that have bright and standout packaging. They also consume a variety of lipstick types, from the familiar cream-based sticks to lip glosses, lip tints, and liquid lipsticks.

2. Consumers Aged 20-25 Years

Consumers in this age bracket, who are beginning their careers, continue to be trend-focused but start to show a greater interest in the product’s features. They are inclined to consider higher-priced products with attractive, durable, and vibrant packaging that also offers lip care benefits.

3. Consumers Aged 25-30 Years

In this category, consumers begin to prioritize the features of the products as they have already established their preferences through previous experimentation. They tend to stick with the products they know and like, showing less interest in trying new ones. They prefer elegantly designed products that offer both nourishment and lasting color for their lips.

4. Consumers Aged 30 Years and Above

For this group, the product features are the primary focus. The most sought-after lipsticks are those that provide hydration and comfort, are lightweight, easy to apply, and non-sticky. The packaging preferred is either simple or elegantly understated. Creamy stick lipsticks receive the most attention from these consumers.

Consumers over 20 years of age are the most powerful purchasing group, as they are in a phase of life where they have a steady income, socialize more, and show an increased interest in personal grooming. They are a pivotal consumer base for the continuous growth of the cosmetic industry.


Types of Lipsticks and the Popularity of Each Style

Lipsticks today can be categorized into various forms. Current lipstick manufacturing services offer a wide array of production options, allowing those who wish to have their own lipstick brand to select and create products that meet market demands and align with their brand image simultaneously.

The type of lipstick that has remained the most popular from the past to the present is the classic stick lipstick that we are all well familiar with. Following close behind is the liquid lipstick or fluid lipstick that comes in a tube with an applicator, and finally, the palette lipstick which often comes in a compact with either a single shade or a variety of shades in one palette.

Besides the forms of lipstick, there are also different types of lipstick finishes. Matte lipsticks are the most popular for their long-lasting properties, and they continue to trend highly. Next are the gloss lipsticks that add moisture and a shiny finish to the lips, experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Then there are the cream lipsticks that are easy to apply and blend, and liquid lipsticks which are durable in color but can cause dry lips if not accompanied by proper lip care.

Lipsticks come in many more variations to choose from according to the needs, including designing lipstick colors to match market demands like nude tones and natural shades that are easy to wear every day, to the bright reds that are a staple on many dressing tables, and even lipsticks with bright, metallic colors, mixed with glitter, to those that can glow in the dark. By thoroughly researching the market, establishing a target consumer group, the options for producing lipsticks to release into the market are plentiful.


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