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Pressed Powder: A Key Product in the Cosmetics Industry

Pressed powder, also known as press powder, is one of the essential cosmetics used in the initial steps of preparing the skin for further makeup application. There are various types of pressed powders, most of which are applied to the face to achieve a smooth, matte finish and can be reapplied throughout the day to absorb excess oil and maintain a beautiful complexion. Currently, the development of pressed powder manufacturing has led to a wide range of additional properties that consumers can choose from according to their needs. Many cosmetic brands offer a variety of pressed powders to increase their market share. Each brand has different product highlights and uses these unique points to differentiate their product while simultaneously building the brand’s image.


Types of Pressed Powder, Production, and Market Trends

Nowadays, there is an array of pressed powders from various brands hitting the market, and the service of pressed powder production is readily accessible, offering numerous properties for consumers to choose from based on their needs. The market for pressed powder products is segmented into three main types:

  • No Colour Type: These are colorless pressed powders, which may actually have a natural skin tone color that blends seamlessly with the skin. They typically have a fine texture and are used for touch-ups throughout the day or to correct and brighten the skin tone, preventing it from looking dull.
  • Coloured Type: These pressed powders are developed with a range of shades suitable for many skin tones, from fair pinkish tones to darker skin colors. This type is ideal for those who want to achieve a more polished look without the need for foundation or other heavy makeup products. Each brand may offer this type of powder with more than three shade options to choose from.
  • Translucent Type: This is a sheer powder that can be used on all skin tones. It can be applied for touch-ups during the day or used after foundation as a step to set the face, preparing it for further application of other powder products. It provides the most natural finish among all powders.

The most popular and best-selling type tends to be the no-color powder because many consumers find it easy to use; it can be quickly applied in the morning before work or carried for speedy touch-ups throughout the day.

As for the skincare market in Thailand, it is expected to continue growing consistently, including both female and male consumers. From the current market value, experts predict that in the next five years, the market could grow by as much as 8.8 percent. The most preferred purchasing channel by consumers is online shopping through websites and various applications. Therefore, those interested in producing pressed powder must pay more attention to online marketing strategies as well. Keeping an eye on consumer trends and preferences is crucial to fully engage with the market.


Trend in the production of Pressed Powder among many famous brands

The current cosmetic industry market is increasingly focusing on diverse skin tones, skin health, and environmental sustainability. Numerous brands are investing in projects to design environmentally friendly products from the production process to the packaging design.

It’s noticeable that many brands are expanding their powder shades to include a wider variety, from the lightest to the darkest, to offer options for consumers of all skin tones, not limited to any particular complexion. These powders, often foundations in compact form, are designed to cover imperfections, smooth the skin, and some brands also include SPF or sun protection features in their powders.

Another strong trend is the infusion of nourishing ingredients into powders, shifting from mere cosmetics to a level of skincare. Some consumers prefer powders with skin-care properties because they feel better for the skin’s health compared to ordinary compact powders. Brands are addressing issues such as maintaining or enhancing skin hydration because some consumers face problems with powder drying out on the skin, causing discomfort or flaky appearances.

Pressed Powder is an intriguing product in the current market, with a growth trend as people pay more attention to their outward appearance. The market share remains open for new brands ready to launch innovative powder products to give consumers more choices. If our products are manufactured with quality and appeal, addressing consumer needs, we can undoubtedly become a part of the cosmetic industry.


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