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Collagen Dietary Supplements: Market Trends and Product Forms


Collagen supplements have become widely known and popular over the past few years. The value of the dietary supplement market has increased as people have become more interested in health and beauty than before, which has led to the popularity of collagen and its continuously increasing market value. Its numerous properties have positioned collagen as one of the top choices for consumers who turn their attention to and opt to purchase this type of supplement for widespread consumption. Collagen production facilities have nowadays developed more diverse technologies, leading to a variety of collagen supplement forms available in the market for easy consumption.


Properties and Forms of Collagen Products

Collagen is a vital type of protein and a significant component of the body, particularly the skin, which comprises up to 75 percent collagen. This protein plays a role in enhancing the skin’s elasticity and various organs within the body. In the scientific community, there is ongoing research about collagen. Many studies indicate that collagen possesses properties that can increase skin elasticity and moisture. Consumption of collagen has been researched and shown to be safe and more beneficial than injectable or topical collagen because it is a protein with large molecules. It must undergo a digestion process to break down into amino acids first to be more easily absorbed.

In Thailand’s dietary supplement market, valued at 25 billion baht, it is specifically noted that collagen dietary supplements have the largest market share. Even though the market has not expanded significantly, sales continue to increase steadily, with the potential to grow by up to 8 percent from the overall market share. This is due to consumers recognizing that cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals can produce actual results, not just merely advertising claims.


Types of Collagen in the Current Market

All four of these collagen forms are products that can be commonly found in the market and are the most popular choices.

  • Powdered Collagen is available in powder form, making it easy to mix and drink or sprinkle onto meals like yogurt or salads. It is recommended to consume on an empty stomach for better absorption, and if mixing to drink, it should be done with cold beverages or cold water to maintain the most benefits of the collagen.
  • Ready-to-Drink Collagen is pre-mixed and flavored, allowing consumers to simply open the bottle and consume it immediately. This type of collagen can be varied in flavors; producers might add sweeteners instead of sugar, offering tastes ranging from various fruits to milk and cocoa flavors. However, in the market, fruit flavors are generally the most popular.
  • Jelly Collagen Snacks Many brands are focusing on designing their products for the utmost convenience. Hence, this type of collagen was created. Jelly collagen is easy to consume, similar to having a snack, and can be taken anywhere without the need for refrigeration. It can be consumed at any time, but for best results, it is recommended to consume on an empty stomach to allow the body to absorb the maximum benefits of the collagen.
  • Collagen Capsules are another convenient form to take. This involves encapsulating powdered collagen in a capsule, making it easier to consume, especially for those who prefer not to drink or eat gummy products.


Significant Sources of Collagen

  • Marine Collagen is derived from the extraction of fish bones, scales, and various parts of sea creatures. It is a type of collagen that greatly contributes to the maintenance and nourishment of bones and skin.
  • Bovine Collagen comes from extracting cow bones and greatly assists in the care of various joints in the body. In the past, this type of collagen was popularly injected into the body, but subsequent research has shown that collagen injections may not be beneficial and could also cause allergic reactions.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Collagen is not true collagen but rather a supplement that has similar properties to collagen. As collagen is mostly found in animals, this provides an alternative for those who do not consume meat to access collagen benefits.

The production and release of collagen into the current market involve many producers offering comprehensive manufacturing services, including marketing and product design ready for consumers. The dietary supplement market is trending towards growth, so the prospects for launching collagen products are high. By understanding the market and enhancing the unique features of our products, we can make it easier for consumers to access them. It’s essential to focus on the collagen’s properties to maximize the benefits to consumers.


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