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Ingredients and Harmful Substances in Whitening Creams to Know Before Starting Your Brand

In Thailand, having white and beautiful skin is something many people care about, especially the face and body which are seen as important parts of outward appearance. The production of skincare products like body lotions, serums, or whitening creams is also very popular because they can help the skin become whiter, brighter, and protected from the sun. Especially during the hot summer with continuous heat, using products for white skin is a quick and easy way to care for and protect the skin just by diligently applying cream all over the body morning and night.

The Skincare Products Market Trend

The skincare product category still holds the number 1 market share, especially the whitening cream market in Thailand, which is wide and growing continuously. There is also continuous development of new products to meet consumer demand. There are various types of body whitening creams sold, from affordable products to high-end products containing plant or animal extracts that are highly effective and popular. For those thinking of starting their brand in skincare products, this is another interesting option.

In addition, there are also skin creams that emphasize natural, high-quality ingredients, such as extracts from natural sources that are not harmful and do not cause side effects, which are very popular nowadays. This is because consumers want to use products that are not detrimental to health and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, many brands emphasize improving formulas to be highly effective and nurture the skin to the fullest. This makes them popular among consumers who want quality products to make their skin bright, clear, and youthful-looking, delay signs of aging, and use modern technology to help develop safe, highly effective formulas to continuously produce quality products for consumers.

Manufacturing whitening cream in Thailand: hazardous ingredients and selecting suitable extracts

When producing whitening cream, using hazardous ingredients as components may cause side effects and harm the body. We should be aware of the hazardous ingredients that may be present in whitening cream, including:

  • Hydroquinone – This substance is often used in whitening creams because it inhibits melanin production. However, overuse can cause dryness, inflammation, and potentially cancer.
  • Ammonium – Also commonly used in whitening creams for its skin-lightening properties. It carries risks of infection and skin dryness.
  • Mercury – A banned hazardous substance officially prohibited by the Ministry of Public Health. It reduces melanin production, making skin appear whiter, but has many side effects including rashes, dull skin, and thinning of the skin. Prolonged use can potentially lead to mercury poisoning, entering the bloodstream and causing disease.
  • Steroids – Have properties that make skin appear brighter and clearer, effectively treating freckles, acne scars, and dark spots, but improper use can cause more harm than good, leading to allergic reactions and fragile, easily irritated skin.
  • Retinoic acid – Stimulates skin cell turnover and reduces melanin production, but inappropriate use can cause skin inflammation and stinging pain.

Avoiding hazardous ingredients in whitening creams is crucial. Experts should closely monitor and inspect every step of the manufacturing process. Therefore, selecting a high-quality whitening cream factory is important to ensure a safe and effective product. Recommended natural extracts suitable for skin whitening include:

  • Vitamin C – Stimulates collagen production for bright, radiant skin and enhances smoothness.
  • Vitamin E – Has antioxidant properties that protect skin from damage for a more youthful, white complexion.
  • Kojic acid – Reduces free radical formation and minimizes skin friction for clearer, whiter skin.
  • Alpha-arbutin – A plant extract that evenly distributes skin pigment and efficiently reduces melanin formation without side effects.
  • Glutathione – A highly beneficial antioxidant that evenly regulates pigmentation and improves overall skin health.

Now you know about whitening cream ingredients. This will help select products that effectively nourish white skin safely. Always check ingredient labels for safety certifications before use.

Forecasting whitening body cream production in Thailand

Whitening body cream production in Thailand will focus on products with natural, high-quality ingredients, like 100% natural extracts that don’t cause side effects. Key ingredients will be organic extracts, especially from plants that promote skin cell turnover and collagen production for naturally whiter, brighter skin. Formulas will be enhanced for quality and efficacy, like creams without parabens, preservatives, alcohol, or any harmful components. Efficacy in protecting skin from sun and pollution damage will also be emphasized.

Production is also expected to utilize modern technology like safe, efficient manufacturing methods to ensure quality, as many consumers intend to use products that are healthy and eco-friendly.

Therefore, future production will be environmentally friendly with excellent quality and innovation for safe, highly effective products. As both male and female consumers become more self-aware and invested in self-care, ingredient trends in skincare products continuously evolve, prompting ongoing consumer experimentation with new offerings. However, choosing reputable, certified safe body care products remains essential. Proper certification ensures products genuinely nourish and brighten the complexion.


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