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Today, consumers are increasingly aware of hygiene and environmental issues, especially during the pandemic crisis, which is critical for the health and beauty of facial and body skin. Concerns about infections such as viruses and bacteria, which can be encountered in various places, have led people to pay more attention to maintaining cleanliness and proper sterilization, whether at home, in restaurants, or hotels. These factors are significant drivers of the continuous growth of the soap and spa product market. Additionally, public places have emphasized personal hygiene, such as in bathrooms and restaurants, to reduce the spread of pathogens, resulting in manufacturers inventing various antibacterial products, contributing to today’s market growth.


Starting a Soap and Spa Product Brand

The soap business has been growing steadily over the past few years, prompting people to pay more attention to self-care and skin protection, driving rapid business growth. Starting a soap and spa product brand begins with researching and sourcing raw materials, which can come from a variety of natural sources. Following that, it’s about researching and developing soap formulas that meet market and consumer demands, potentially using modern technology such as incorporating skin-nourishing vitamins, adding fragrances, and having antibacterial properties. The use of modern tools and equipment in production to produce high-quality soap is essential because daily bathing and skincare maintain personal hygiene and good health.

Furthermore, Thai market producers of soap and spa products are starting to focus on developing new solutions, such as odor-control soaps without perfume, herbal soaps, and many others to attract consumers. There is also a trend toward using organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging, which leads to the production of interesting products that well match the current consumer needs.


Soap Production Services in Thailand

The Thai soap market is diverse and includes numerous partners. Popular products within Thailand range from bath soaps and face soaps to hand soaps, and more. The Thai soap market can be segmented into several major groups:

  • Bar Soap: This type of soap is produced in various shapes and is commonly used for bathing and face washing. There are many brands and formulas to choose from, which are efficient due to their concentrated ingredients and higher cleaning agent content. In addition to regular bathing soap, there are also face soaps, hand soaps, and even soaps suitable for hair washing. The production of bar soap is a highly popular business in many countries, including Thailand, where companies continuously develop soaps with a variety of colors and scents to meet the needs of customers of all ages and from different user groups.
  • Liquid Soap: Characterized by its liquid form, this soap comes in a multitude of formulas and ingredients. It commonly uses surfactants as the main component and may include oils, pH balancers, or moisturizers to enhance the soap’s properties. It is primarily used for body wash or hand soap because of its excellent cleaning and rinsing properties. Additional ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, or moisturizers can also be added to nourish the skin further.
  • Natural Soaps or Spa Products: Often used for skin care and nourishment, these include a variety of natural ingredients and have been steadily popular. Typically used alongside massages or spa treatments, they help remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. This category includes products like shower creams, skin lotions, essential oils, scrubs, herbal powders, and more, offering superior skin nourishment compared to standard skin care products by combining ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and reduce skin inflammation. They also contribute to mental relaxation and enhance the user’s overall sense of well-being.

The Thai soap market is competitive at many levels, with leading brands launching high-quality products and local brands offering good quality at accessible prices. Marketing strategies for soap products in Thailand are diverse, ranging from advertising through various media like television, magazines, social media, and various online platforms. Additionally, sales promotions, discounts, giveaways, and product exhibitions are utilized, along with raising environmental awareness and supporting eco-friendly products.

Research and development in the Thai soap sector continue to grow, as Thai soap producers are adept at developing new formulas that meet consumer demands and are environmentally conscious. They are also capable of incorporating new technologies into the manufacturing process.


Popular Soap Trends

Currently, there are several popular soap trends that emphasize cleanliness, health, and environmental friendliness. Some examples include:

1. Natural Herbal Soaps: Soaps that use herbal ingredients and natural raw materials, such as coconut oil, turmeric, and aromatic oils, are highly popular due to their safety for use and the general absence of harmful chemicals that could irritate the skin.

2. Soaps for Sensitive Skin: These soaps are designed for people with sensitive skin, with gentle ingredients and free from harsh chemicals. They help to reduce irritation and skin problems caused by regular soaps.

3. Plastic-Free Soap Packaging: With increased environmental awareness, the trend for soaps without plastic packaging or with reusable packaging is on the rise, aiming to reduce the current issue of plastic waste.

4. Germicidal Soaps: Soaps with antiseptic and germ-protecting agents, like those containing alcohol, are popular for their ability to eliminate germs and toxins from the skin, helping to prevent infections. This type of soap is favored due to the ongoing need to combat germs for daily safety.

5. Beautifully Colored and Scented Soaps: The demand for aesthetically pleasing soaps has led to a trend of colorful and fragrant soaps. Consumers often seek out such attractive products that can also be given as gifts.

6. Organic and Vegan Soaps: With growing environmental and health consciousness, there is a trend supporting soaps made from organic ingredients and without animal-derived components, such as soaps free from fish oil or animal fats.

7. Soaps with Special Qualities: Soaps that offer specific benefits, such as those containing collagen for skin nourishment or vitamin E for skin firming, are popular due to the belief that they can improve skin appearance.

8. Skin Condition-Adjusting Soaps: Soaps that can adjust the condition of the skin, such as those helping to reduce acne marks or brighten the complexion, are in demand as consumers look to improve their skin condition.

9. Environmentally Conscious Soaps: Consumer awareness of environmental protection has given rise to a trend in soaps produced with sustainable raw materials and reduced chemical usage. These practices can help protect the environment in the long term, thus gaining increasing popularity.


The Future of the Soap and Spa Product Industry

Soap plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Washing hands with water and soap can effectively prevent various infectious diseases, even more so than sanitizing with alcohol. This protective quality of soap is expected to be a main driver of the global soap market. Additionally, the increasing demand for Ayurvedic products is propelling the growth of the personal care soap market, with natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils suitable for all skin types. The innovation of new products is a significant trend gaining popularity in the soap and spa product market for the future.

Moreover, many brands are producing environmentally-friendly cleaning products every day, using refillable bottles, biodegradable soap bars or pouches, and soaps with natural ingredients that are beneficial for skin nourishment like oatmeal, vitamin E, coconut oil, and milk, and are free from phthalates and parabens. These cater to the skin care needs while also maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.


Why is TikTok Good for the Soap and Spa Products Business?

Currently, TikTok has over 500 million users worldwide and is among the most downloaded apps. The average time spent on TikTok is 52 minutes, which is similar to the time spent on other popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For business owners starting out in the soap and spa product industry, this presents an excellent opportunity to introduce their products to the target audience, especially given the behavior of engaging with short, attention-grabbing videos and advertisements that resonate with them.

On the TikTok platform, you can fully showcase your products. The best way to do this is to present the products in actual use, highlighting what sets them apart from other brands. The focus need not be solely on the product; you can also include educational videos about various types of soap or related topics. Create catchy key messages, engage in activities like Dancing Challenges or product reviews, use relevant hashtags, craft a modern brand image, and introduce your products at the right moment. You could illustrate how to incorporate soap before a skin care routine or the benefits of the ingredients used in production, for example.

Introducing products in this way lets consumers see how to use the soap or spa products. The last thing you need to do when starting to promote your products on social networks is to discover additional perfect methods of operation. You must study what types of content work well on TikTok, how to reach other users beyond your target group, and how to naturally fit your products into the platform. Understanding how to begin marketing on this platform can ensure the growth of your business in the future.


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